Technology Purchasing

All technology-related items should be purchased through the Technology Services department. Examples of items include:

  • Devices (Computers, iPads, Chromebooks, Interactive displays, TVs, etc)

  • Device Carts

  • Charging Stations

  • Cables

  • Adapters/Dongles

  • Cases

  • Software

  • Apps and Web-based resources (Ex.

  • Document cameras and other peripherals

  • Projectors

  • Mounts for TVs, Interactive panels, and projectors

  • Sound equipment

  • Livestreaming resources

All request and orders for technology items should be sent to Morgan Seguin at or through the Google Form.

When sending an email request please be sure to include the nature of your request and relevant product information such as type, description, and quantity. Other information that should be included as available:

  • How the purchase is being funded

  • Deadline for quote or purchase

  • Link to product

  • Vendor

  • Any others to receive information

  • Et cetera

This information will be moved through the proper channels to fulfill your request.


When ordering a replacement bulb for a projector, please submit a technology ticket. In the ticket please include the make and model of the projector along with an account code. This will allow for the correct bulb to be ordered and associated with a ticketed request service.


For information regarding donations and grants, please see the links below:

Gift or Donation