Course Selections

Menomonie Virtual School courses are aligned to national and state standards.  Course goals and objectives will be available upon request.  Students currently enrolled at MHS full-time can enrich their course selection with courses not currently offered at MHS.  Courses cannot supplant courses offered on-site or online taught by MHS teachers.  Resident students in a full-time, home-based learning environment have access to all available coursework.   The number of concurrent courses being completed at any one time will be determined by the school district.  Each student will develop a virtual education plan.  All courses are taught by Wisconsin certified teachers.

MS & HS WVS Course Offerings
MS & HS Course Materials List  - The district will provide textbooks for classes that require them. Please make sure to reach out to your district coach if your class requires a textbook and/or you have questions about course materials.

K-5 WVS Course List

K-5 Lesson Samples: